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 10 years

10 Year Anniversary

As alcosatz pointed out recently, Fish Tank Clan been online for more than 10 years now. Cheers to all the members, posters, donors, server admins and forum admins!

Also, I put us on a new (faster?) web server. If you see any problems, PM or email me - -[email]-


kremitonThursday 23 July 2015 - 17:59:14

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26 May : 13:15

good luck. hope you aren't as nauseatingly disappointed when you hit level 50 as I was.

26 May : 03:04


24 May : 17:53

Dark Brotherhood DLC is removing the veteran ranks. That comes out within a month. There are daily dungeons, real dungeons, raids, world bosses and trials to run (not all are end game).

Again, it's casual enough there isn't that EQ grind to hit end game ASAP. The story is awesome (love being on the Thalmor side of the war), and the lore is top notch. It's not a game for everyone, but I don't think such a game exists.

23 May : 17:22

the last boss is molag bal and after he's dead you start over. all there is left to do is read books and collect armor designs

23 May : 17:20

You start the entire leveling process over from the beginning as "Veteran levels"

23 May : 16:04

Not enough Anger on these forums.

Anyone playing ESO? I've been enjoying it on PS4 - MMO enough to feel like end game is worth it; casual enough to not worry if I can't play for a week or two at a time due to life.

11 May : 00:31

Love you too NoKills

06 May : 01:02

That's great Bandildo, too bad Trump is going to kick you out of the country.

04 May : 20:54

Nice. Time to collect that sweet sweet unemployment

30 Apr : 00:34

Hey guys I graduated.

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