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I have removed the posts from those spammers. There are still a few traces here and there but hey, nothing is perfect.

If you lost your account during the repair, I still have it backed up, just send me an email and prove you are human or better yet a CSS player. -[email]-

I will update the website to the latest version on a test site, who knows what it will be like, many changes though, so I am not sure we will use it. Until then, it will be closed to new registrations. Admins, feel free to manually add people in "users".

FYI I am on Skype/AIM 247, I am ddxfish


kremitonWednesday 04 June 2014 - 18:06:46

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01 Mar : 16:54

Hey fags

Does anybody play clash of clans? Looking for players.

06 Feb : 22:00

PS getting this next week to complete my home theater


06 Feb : 21:59

MALCOLM BUTLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

06 Feb : 14:52

Just picked this up.


Da world of 144hz baby, here I come.

05 Feb : 14:24

Alex, I have an ingrown hair growing on a wart on my buttocks. Would you please pluck it for me?

31 Jan : 21:59

You work for a software company you say?

Make one yourself.

30 Jan : 18:57

I am reading my old posts and cringing really hard. Guys this is real.

30 Jan : 18:50

Also I graduated last year from college because I'm gay

30 Jan : 18:43

Hey guys, I was talking with kcow and just thinking of y'all. I miss surf. In case anyone is wondering what I'm up to, I work for a software company in Boulder, CO. I play a ton of dota these days, and I dream fervently of a standalone surf game. That would be the tits.

24 Jan : 10:47

the secret world was what i was on for a while, not bad

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