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Donate to us to help keep Fish Tank Clan going. We will sponsor you or your clan!
Bitcoin: 155i7MGPx6WVS3bh4Y3JbHrTuHYu2Np63T


Bitcoin - An online cyptocurrency that is backed by CPU power rather than gold bars (like the USD).

Check this out, its going through massive expansion.

Client: Bitcoin-QT
Mining programs: BFGminer, CGminer
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Earnings: $1.40 per day

You buy a device that "mines" bitcoins by computing the calculations needed to run the Bitcoin network. You get paid in bitcoins based on the power of your mining devices.

Bitcoin prices compared to USD:
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If you are not already in it, get in it.
kremitonMonday 02 December 2013 - 14:45:43

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15 Apr : 20:58

Nostie I remove shit regularly but it's only been the last week I've seen it again

15 Apr : 19:31


15 Apr : 15:39

can someone remove this spam??


14 Apr : 19:36

i'd like to think the expression on her face is her O-face

13 Apr : 19:10

Vector that might have been the best video I've ever seen

12 Apr : 22:06

Does someone periodically visit this site to remove spam from bots? I haven't come in a few months (except for for a couple of weeks now) and I've seen spam almost once a week. Was there just a full front page of spam at some point?

12 Apr : 21:04

I think i ran my surf server on Apache linux. big companies were doing that? shiiiit they deserve to get hacked.

12 Apr : 01:35

FYI, as someone who works in the financial sector, this heartbleed bug virus has decimated the financial market.

12 Apr : 01:19


10 Apr : 21:22


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