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I have removed the posts from those spammers. There are still a few traces here and there but hey, nothing is perfect.

If you lost your account during the repair, I still have it backed up, just send me an email and prove you are human or better yet a CSS player. -[email]-

I will update the website to the latest version on a test site, who knows what it will be like, many changes though, so I am not sure we will use it. Until then, it will be closed to new registrations. Admins, feel free to manually add people in "users".

FYI I am on Skype/AIM 247, I am ddxfish


kremitonWednesday 04 June 2014 - 18:06:46

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16 Oct : 22:32

I'm lv 8 th also, just upgraded, all pink walls

16 Oct : 22:31


But if you really play I made a clan the other day called "The Dragon Zoo" I got a bunch of people from global to join to do a war, I'm adrian if you come

16 Oct : 18:43

yea dogg i got lvl 3 pikas and 5 goblins lvl 8 hall

12 Oct : 00:25

Do any of you G's play clash of clans?

Tryna get my clan going

08 Oct : 10:13

I started out Nova 4, almost made it to AKs, now I'm at a steady Silver Elite.......

07 Oct : 11:29

I finally bought a computer. Started up CS:GO.

I suck donkey dick at this game.

04 Oct : 16:05

couldn't find a job after graduation so I'm starting my own pc repair business. so yeah, you could say things are going well

03 Oct : 14:52

nah, I run a skate shop, smoke loving amounts of weed. I live a simple life.

30 Sep : 23:31

Sorry to hear about your current state my mexican friend. I however am quite happy. I do however often reminisce about my gaming days. Got so much joy out of this community.

ps. im sitting in this philosophy (business ethics) class and it's absolute bullshit. Idk how you could major in this shit.

30 Sep : 23:09

Hey is anyone else from this clan swimming in unhappiness too? Maybe inclusion in this community has brought a curse on all of us

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