The website had its first news post on November 5, 2005. Today we are 15 years old. I figured I'd save this story for a good time, and now is as good as any.

The original server used Mani Admin Plugin (I think). It must have been 2003 or so. I tried for a few months to populate the server with a full rotation of maps but couldn't. One night, I set it to cs_office and told it not to switch maps while I was playing around with FT Emily on the server. I got off and forgot to set it back to rotate through maps. Office it was for 6 months. I didn't check the server and just left. I forgot it.

After that 6 months I went to cancel the server. I saw to my delight that the server populated itself in my absence. Instead of cancelling it, I joined the server and met all of you. It was by chance I checked that server before cancelling it. Oh, and I always hated office is the ironic thing. cbble, nuke, inferno, piranesi were the best.

Anyway, Happy 15.

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