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that dang cowardly dog...
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Author Post
Thu Jul 05 2007, 01:12AM
Spider-man Fanatic
Registered Member #451
Joined: Thu Oct 05 2006, 09:06PM
Posts: 205

my drawing of courage the cowardly dog...

image i drew..

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Thu Jul 05 2007, 01:22AM
Registered Member #597
Joined: Fri Mar 16 2007, 04:31PM
Posts: 787
Dude... That's amazing. Do more!
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Czech Pride
Thu Jul 05 2007, 02:06AM
Registered Member #518
Joined: Wed Dec 27 2006, 01:15AM
Posts: 911
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Thu Jul 05 2007, 02:08AM
Registered Member #724
Joined: Wed May 30 2007, 03:50AM
Posts: 699
lmao, deffinately traced. Hes a filthy liar! get him!
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Thu Jul 05 2007, 02:42AM
AKA cupcake
Registered Member #374
Joined: Fri Aug 04 2006, 03:38AM
Posts: 858
if you think hes good with that, you should see him draw planes, he sucks.
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Thu Jul 05 2007, 04:06AM
Rudeboy Supreme!
Registered Member #617
Joined: Fri Mar 23 2007, 06:37AM
Posts: 1252
You can clearly tell he didnt trace that fyi, if you weren't kidding.

If you were serious you should be set in front of a russian firing squad out back behind the court house, like in the good ol'days.
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Thu Jul 05 2007, 05:47AM

Registered Member #185
Joined: Thu Mar 30 2006, 10:42PM
Posts: 3168
Goat wrote ...

You can clearly tell he didnt trace that fyi, if you weren't kidding.

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Thu Jul 05 2007, 06:31AM
Spider-man Fanatic
Registered Member #451
Joined: Thu Oct 05 2006, 09:06PM
Posts: 205
hahah kevin's right..i suck at planes
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Thu Jul 05 2007, 06:35AM
Spider-man Fanatic
Registered Member #451
Joined: Thu Oct 05 2006, 09:06PM
Posts: 205

did this not that long ago...its my avatar..but not as good..i wasn't focused..was at like 3 am..and i was tired..


dark magician girl..from my yu-gi-oh days!

[ Edited Thu Jul 05 2007, 06:37AM ]
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Thu Jul 05 2007, 06:39PM
Anal Assassin

Registered Member #455
Joined: Mon Oct 09 2006, 04:58AM
Posts: 3834
i luv dark magician girl, i always wanted to bang her... i used to wack off to the cards, but then it got my deck all sticky when i played...

anywayz, courage came out really good. He didnt trace as to some dimensions of the picture compared to each other are way off, yet it looks great. Kind of like courage is perfect but just moved a lil bit out of place. Very original.
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24 Sep : 22:31

b4ndito, what happened to you after that gangbang the other night? you just peaced out

13 Aug : 00:22

I need people to play a phone game with me called Empires & Puzzles, it's a match 3 RPG style game that I have literally spent over $500 on. (you can f2p it successfully also) Cmon fuckers.

01 Aug : 22:01

there should be an ft discord for anyone whos still around. if anyone wanna ply rocket league hmu on steam ;)

24 Jul : 18:56

tonguefuck me bunghole

18 Jul : 22:58

Joined Mon Oct 09 2006, 01:28AM
11 years, 9 months, 1 week, 2 days, 17 hours, 58 minutes, 56 seconds ago

Oh man, that's a lifetime ago.

18 Jul : 22:48

what's up fuckers

21 Mar : 20:08

sorry i deleted u off steam maddogme i have issues with friend commitment stemming from not speaking to my own brothers for 15+ years

17 Feb : 09:47

this is 10 years for me fuckers. im proud of you. thank you kremit for keeping this site alive.

30 Jan : 02:21

pubg is a serious piece of shit

27 Jan : 00:32

wheres the fucking pubg players at

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