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Noskill is in
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Author Post
Thu Apr 05 2007, 04:12AM
Meteor 2016

Registered Member #316
Joined: Mon Jun 26 2006, 09:14PM
Posts: 3502
Let's all give em a big welcome. He's been earning this for a while now. Welcome dood!
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Thu Apr 05 2007, 04:13AM
Inconsistant Ownage Device

Registered Member #59
Joined: Sat Dec 10 2005, 06:12PM
Posts: 1058
A welcome addition to the fold, hope it was worth it buddy : )
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Thu Apr 05 2007, 05:06AM
Registered Member #507
Joined: Thu Dec 14 2006, 01:42PM
Posts: 539
welcome noskill welcome.
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Thu Apr 05 2007, 05:25AM
Ruler of all that is pocky
Registered Member #28
Joined: Mon Nov 28 2005, 11:17PM
Posts: 704
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Thu Apr 05 2007, 05:59AM
FT Classic Op

Registered Member #39
Joined: Fri Dec 02 2005, 10:30PM
Posts: 1545
Ehhh, I voted no but you're still a decent guy. Welcome aboard, and I hope you get rid of your tapeworm. Ya know, so you can stop eating like a 'hoss' which, if I understand your incredibly thick Boston accent, should be understood as eating like a 'horse.'
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Thu Apr 05 2007, 06:18AM
Registered Member #326
Joined: Wed Jul 05 2006, 04:15AM
Posts: 635
another dawg enters, woohoo!
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aborted fetus
Thu Apr 05 2007, 02:34PM
The All-Cum Diet
Registered Member #47
Joined: Mon Dec 05 2005, 04:55PM
Posts: 1888
Yay! Welcome aboard, tiger.
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Thu Apr 05 2007, 03:10PM

Registered Member #457
Joined: Tue Oct 10 2006, 01:13PM
Posts: 2628
Touchdown Patriots! (my default expression representing joy or excitement)

Let me regale you with the story of this outburst and how it came to be my most used form of excitement.

The year is 2007, the month... March. Location, Las Vegas Nevada. I was celebrating my spring break with some of my closest friends. (getting drunk, gambling, meeting strange and exotic ass, really living it up)

More specific location, the Tropicanna. One of the older casinos on the strip which happen to have $5 Black Jack tables. I'm at the $10 table, wearing my Tom Brady #12 backwards like Nelly and drinking Sam Adams.

I meet a friend (we had an immediate common bond, he was as drunk as I was). Well he starts drinking Sam with me... and complaining loudly about the shitty cocktail service.

3 hours and 12 Sam adams later and we're drunk, calling every dealer Slappy and threatening them with physical harm everytime they win. Some notable qquotes.

"You gotta be fucking shitting me! Stop showing ten's asshole!"
"Sir you can't say fuck here."
"Why the fuck not? I can go outside and buy a fuck but I can't say fuck in here?"
"No sir this is private property."
"Well that's just horseshit! Can I say horseshit? Are horse's allowed to shit in Vegas?"
(stole it verbatim from tucker max but it was still funny)

"I swear to god if you draw a 5 card 21 I'll punt this shoe across the casino. You hear me slappy!?"

"Where's my godamn drink? It's been 20 minutes since I've even seen a cocktail waitress."
"She's by herself sir and has alot of tables."
"Get her some godamn roller blades or a bigger fucking tray cause this is bullshit!"
"Please stop swearing sir."

So anyway back to my point. At first everytime I hit a black jack I would say... "Touchdown." Then my drinking partner started joining me on his black jacks. Then we would say it on anyone on our side of the tables black jack. Then, as we got drunker, we started yelling it. Then I added in "Patriots" to the end. Then we started screaming "Touchdown Patriots!" and high fiving each other everytime anyone on our side of the table even DREW a 21.

Eventually the pit boss comes over and tells us to keep quiet because we were disturbing the other guests. He was a Rams fan... must've still been bitter.

Well we keep cheering and high fiving and demoralizing the employees and they eventually shut me off.

What do I do? I get up, go to the bar and BUY a Sam Adams for $7 mind you. Needless to say I don't leave a tip. Come back and 5 mins after sitting down the pit boss tells me "that's it you're out of here."

And then ask's the infamous question that is still a running joke to this day.

"Are you going to leave quietly or should I call security?"
"Mmmm.... yah you're probably going to want to call security...*pause for effect* cause there's no FUCKING WAY I'M GOING TO LEAVE QUIETLY!"

And that's how I got kicked out of a casino. Which from what others have told me is a notable accomplishment. Some people have never even HEARD of someone getting kicked out of a casino.

Well... thanks again guys I hope to make a considerable contribution to this community in as many ways as possible. Insight, advice, rule enforcement, story telling, serious gaming ability, and overall usefulness. Thanks again.
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Thu Apr 05 2007, 03:17PM
Registered Member #164
Joined: Tue Mar 07 2006, 12:07PM
Posts: 3146
welcome in noskill. and nostie was right. your being a bostonian has helped your cause with me
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[FT] tRuEAgLe
Thu Apr 05 2007, 03:26PM
Registered Member #386
Joined: Mon Aug 14 2006, 12:50PM
Posts: 166
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11 Sep : 23:38

i have no memory of typing that or what it means wtf

01 Sep : 05:52

when my life says "leave the light on" it means leave the light on.

21 Aug : 20:54


16 Jul : 03:54

whos gonna join my WoW cl(an)assic

15 Apr : 04:37

pubg is for meth heads

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14 Apr : 17:34

How come no one plays PUBG... glitch where you at

01 Feb : 08:22

Whoa y'all still exist! :O

21 Jan : 19:24

Having admin on this website is like in Lion King when Mustafa is like, "All the land you can see before you is yours"

19 Jan : 07:57

I always wanted admin and not I laugh at who is admin

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