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Oh god, my hot cousin wants to have sex...
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Author Post
Sat Feb 24 2007, 06:00AM
Registered Member #49
Joined: Tue Dec 06 2005, 01:37AM
Posts: 1561
OK, so here's the story. My cousin is really, really hot; by far the hottest girl I know. Seriously, so hot that the fact that we're related doesn't matter, I still want to bang her. Over the last few years though she's become really slutty - from what I've heard at school shes already slept with like a dozen guys since the summer. Anyway, over the last few weeks, shes suddenly started to hang out with me a lot more, and shes been flirting lots and stuff. One time when I went over to her house a few weeks ago we were upstairs in her bedroom and she says she needs to change clothes - without going to another room, asking me to leave or even making me turn around she just stripped down to her bra and panties right there in front of me, before walking around the room for five minutes finding her clothes and getting dressed. Also during this time she would keep bending down to pick up stuff and point her ass straight at me, full aware that I was staring right at her.

OK, so earlier today at school, she comes up to me and says that she has nothing to do tonight, and would it be ok if she comes over. I said no at first, but then she just kept asking and getting more and more seductive each time, eventually she had her boobs pressed right up against me and she placed my hands on her ass.

she leaned in close and whispered into my ear Wu-banga, this is sexy

I cocked my head back, removed my hands from her plump tangerines and yelled THIS IS SPARTA! and kicked her into a well

[ Edited Thu Nov 30 2017, 07:40AM ]
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Sat Feb 24 2007, 06:45AM
Meteor 2016

Registered Member #316
Joined: Mon Jun 26 2006, 09:14PM
Posts: 3502
Lmao. Good ending. I was going to say that you're threads are a little out of date and you need to come out with something new whether then Cousin threads, but then the ending was pretty damn funny
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Sat Feb 24 2007, 06:48AM
Registered Member #101
Joined: Thu Dec 29 2005, 01:04AM
Posts: 578
lol omg that is some funny ass shit wu
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Sat Feb 24 2007, 06:58AM
Registered Member #348
Joined: Tue Jul 18 2006, 05:27AM
Posts: 74
lol i can't wait to see 300 either..
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Sat Feb 24 2007, 08:57AM
Registered Member #561
Joined: Sun Feb 04 2007, 07:45AM
Posts: 1109
when i first read this, i thought it'd be another drunken story

way to dissappoint!
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Sat Feb 24 2007, 01:53PM
AKA cupcake
Registered Member #374
Joined: Fri Aug 04 2006, 03:38AM
Posts: 858
you show that bitch whose boss wu!
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Sat Feb 24 2007, 02:03PM
Registered Member #164
Joined: Tue Mar 07 2006, 12:07PM
Posts: 3146

that was good. how come theres not so many lately???
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Sat Feb 24 2007, 02:16PM
That one guy...
Registered Member #250
Joined: Tue May 09 2006, 11:59PM
Posts: 2603
roflmaolololololol, i wanna see 300 too, that part when the guy gets kicked into the well or w.e is cool
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A Drunk
Sat Feb 24 2007, 02:25PM
Registered Member #437
Joined: Sat Sep 23 2006, 02:18AM
Posts: 1224
Nice ending there wu. I also like the one with the cum brownies .
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Sat Feb 24 2007, 04:26PM

Registered Member #185
Joined: Thu Mar 30 2006, 10:42PM
Posts: 3168
not a bad cousin story.
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i have no memory of typing that or what it means wtf

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Whoa y'all still exist! :O

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I always wanted admin and not I laugh at who is admin

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