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Story Time Again
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Wed May 28 2008, 07:07PM
Meteor 2016

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Very nice Bandito. Coming soon, pt. 2.
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Wed May 28 2008, 11:07PM

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Daylight broke unusually late on October 15th through heavy gray clouds that stretched to the ends of the earth. It was a miserable New England Autmun day, or should I say a normal New England Autumn day. The smoke from the shellings still wafted in the air. Despite being surrounded by the evergreens in this densely wooded forest, sulfur was the only discernible scent.

It only took the Russians, or Scandenavians, or Czechs, or British, or whoever the Red Army's latest assimilation was 2 months to find our latest command post. Despite our best attempts to blend with the vast mountainous forrests of the White Mountains they knew. They knew we were here, maybe not where, but at times it seems they have enough bombs to level the entire Northeast. Sometimes we wonder why not just get it over with and drop the big one, I mean they already used 5, what's another one?

It had been 25 months since the Red Army began it's assault. Citing irrepairable damages to their economy, their country and their pride dating back before the first world war. At first, at first it seemed to be just another international incident between the Chinese and the Soviets. On September 21st, 2010 the Russian sourveilence plane IvanEye7 was shot down over Lebedinoye. Whether it was the Chinese, the North Koreans or the Russians themselves who shot down what would become the catalyst of the largest casualty resulting war (ha! war's usually have an opponent) this planet has ever seen is uncertain.

What is certain is what happened next. The Russians had been mobilizing for the previous 8 months, strengthening their southern borders citing increased terrorist threats and acitivity. The UN and the Security Council proved woefully ineffective in neither controlling or even predicting the course of action that was to follow.

On October 10th Russia issued the Unconditional Surrender ultimatum to Beijing. In this edict, Russia demanded that the Chinese surrender all national defense measures to the Russians out of concern for the "mutual security" of both nations.

The Chinese, bewildered, immediately refused and responded that the ultimatum itself was an act of aggression based on no tangible facts. (despite their unwillingness to coorporate in the investigation of IvanEye7) The world tended to side with the Chinese, tariffs, trade embargos and formal warnings were issued, albeit entirely ignored.

The next series of events changed the face of the world as we know.

October 12th 2010 - At approximately 3am (Chinese time) the Russian Army having mobilized along the southern border invaded China along the main highways M-52 and M-55, splitting Mongolia.

October 14th 2010 - Resistance by the Chinese although formidable had been largely ineffective of slowing down the advancing Russians, as they had now moved into Mongolia who immediately surrendered and were pushing in 3 main columns each estimated to have 1 million troops. (despite the country only having a reported army of 1.037 million active personnel at the time)

October 15th 2010 - The Chinese assembled the largest standing army in history at the key industrial trade city of Huhehaoto. Roughly 700,000 troops had been stationed here and in the surrounding suburbs to help thwart an attack on Beijing from the north. At approximately 5:30pm the Russian Army began a siege on the city via ground to ground missiles and assaulted the city with 12 columns of troops approaching in 10 degree intervals (approx 22 miles apart) off the 120 degree axis due north.

The siege went well into the night and heavy casualties had been inflicted on both sides. Approximately 200,000 soldiers were killed within the first 8 hours of battle. The cause of what happened next is uncertain, were the Russians sustaining too heavy of losses to continue? Did they need these troops for future battles? Had their anticipated timeline for victory become jeapordized? Or was this their intent all along? This may never be known.

October 16th 2008 - At approximately 4:42am Huhehaoto was the target of the first active warhead deployed MIRV in the history of the world. A single MIRV bus holding an estimated 8-12 re-entry vehicles was launched from somewhere in Northern Russia. The flight time from this distance was a mere 31 minutes although the launch went unnoticed.

The following photo is the only image captured of the event, seconds before impact.

Each warhead had an estimated yield of 50 megatons. For reference the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima had a yield of 15 kilotons. Within 7 minutes of detonation over 100 square miles of Chinese real-estate were leveled. It's estimated the Russians lost over 150,000 soldiers in the attack. The Chinese declared their loss as "total" and immediately surrendered.

Despite their immediate surrender a second MIRV was launched approximately 6 hours later targeting Beijing. The capital was completely annihilated. It's presumed that the entire NPC along with the president were killed in the resulting explosions.

In a matter of 4 days, the world as we know changed for the worse. The Russians now occupying China instituted a reformed draft of the Chinese people. All able bodied men and women were recruited to the Red Army. The punishment for refusal or desertion was death on sight.

North Korea after witnessing the destruction of their neighbors to the north allied themselves with the Russians and pledged to abide by the Unconditional Surrender ultimatum that had originally been proposed to China. With these two nations under thumb the Russians now controlled 1/3 of the world's nuclear arsenal and a standing army of over 10 million soldiers.

Unconditional Surrender ultimatums were then issued to remaining countries in the region. From India to Japan the Russians spread their control. Resistance was eliminated, secret Russian para-military forces began a ruthless city to city campaign of propoganda and recruitment that dwarfed the secret service of the Nazi regime. Anyone who resisted was killed where they stood or occassionally kneeled to plead for their lives.

While a unified resistance was mounting a counter attack, the Russians dominated everything in their path. Violence was often swift, vicious and excessive. Entire blocks were leveled based upon a few rebel locals. If a parent resisted, their children were killed first. Cities were entirely surrounded, the Russian troops would wait for them to come out starving pleading to join their cause. The first several hundred of which were always shot on sight.

Meanwhile the resistance forces, led by the United stats, were assembling a standing army along Northern Africa and in Western Europe. Eastern Europe was divided, many wished to side immediately with the Russians due to the events in India. (all suspected military bases were bombed immediately upon issuing the Unconditional Surrender, also major cities such as Delhi and Bangalore were MIRV'd) Many other Eastern Europeans fled to the West or North, hoping the remote locations and long standing neutralism of Norway, Finland and Sweden wpuld allow them some normalcy of life, they were wrong.

Why the resistance never countered with their own nuclear arsenal is unknown. Theories of mutually assured destruction, ineffectiveness and moral opposition are abound. Any attack against the Red Army was met with a response 3 times greater with no regard for the line between civilians and combatants. A nuclear attack against the Red Army may have literally resulted in the end of the world.

Flash forward 1 year. The campaign in Northern Africa was met with complete and utter failure. The Red Army grew exponentially as it spread it's death grip West. By the time Saudi Arabia was issued their Unconditional Surrender ultimatum the Red Army was estimated to include over 20 million active troops.

Saudi Arabia was the line in the sand. The resistance forces led by the US contained an estimated 12 million soldiers while a fleet of over 5200 war ships approached north of Madagascar. The battle was short, within 6 months over 15 million people had been killed. The desert glistened a shiny black as carpet bombing from both sides returned sand to it's most basic element, carbon.

The naval fleet was decimated by MIRV's, where the 50 megaton warhead missed it's mark, a tidal wave approaching 2000 feet tall was created. Interceptors were designed to hit missiles approaching key resources, like air craft carriers. Having to hit multiple warheads aimed at the middle of the ocean 100 miles away had never been a contigency the think tanks planned for.

Ugh... I'm tired lol... I don't want to be creative anymore. I probably won't continue this story. Although it was going to be about personal resistance against a superior force in the wooded forests of New England... I got caught up in the back story.

LoL oh well.
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Wed Aug 22 2012, 10:45AM
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