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Story Time Again
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Author Post
Tue May 27 2008, 06:32AM

Registered Member #958
Joined: Fri Jan 04 2008, 06:59AM
Posts: 3381
This was a fun thread the first time when Goat posted it. I give a theme, partakers write up a little story. Exercise some of that creativity we forgot we have. Hell, for all I care you can write a fucking book here. It'll be great.

Theme: Post-Apocalyptic City


As for some ideas, you could do escape, resistance, gangs, invasion, political, anything like that. I've been thinking about this from playing a lot of Half-Life:2 and Gears of War if you guys need something to compare it to.

Have fun. I'll post my story in a little bit.
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Tue May 27 2008, 07:48AM
Inconsistant Ownage Device

Registered Member #59
Joined: Sat Dec 10 2005, 06:12PM
Posts: 1058
I might actually do this if I have time at work.
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Tue May 27 2008, 07:49PM
Meteor 2016

Registered Member #316
Joined: Mon Jun 26 2006, 09:14PM
Posts: 3502
Blinding light seeps through a small opening in the rubble I am buried under. Occasionally, dust falls on my white powdered face and into my nose. I sneeze only to have a giant dust cloud blow up and I leave off where I started. I'm buried, under a giant 100 foot structure. And I don't know if I'm alive or dead.

I make out a few cries to see if anyone responds. Nothing. But that was the second most important thing to me. The first was getting myself out of this trap. I tried wiggling free only to find that I had almost no strength at all. I don't know how long I was knocked out for. I can remember running toward the basement right before the blast went off. Was there anyone else alive? Hell, I don't even know why I'm alive.

I started to look around with the minimal light that I had that was still seeping through the small opening. I knew that time was limited, so I had to make the best of what I had. I looked for something that I could possibly pull out of the rubble that was on top of me to maybe make it slide off of me. It was either that, or be crushed to death. I found a small piece of concrete with little iron rods sticking out of the side, so I took it as my best guess to pull it through.

I pulled with all of the strength I had and surprisingly, it slid right out of the side. I heard the ever suspenseful sound of a few small stones rolling right off of something that was above me, and soon enough, some debris began to slide off of me. The weight of the crushing concrete let loose a little on my waist and I felt a little more relieved. I tried to wiggle myself loose again only to have the concrete come down on me with a forcing blow that made me yelp.

I managed to grab a hold of a metal beam that was above me, and I pulled as hard as I could. I popped right out of the small hole I was in. There wasn't much space, so I found the most comfortable spot to sit down. I was exhausted, and I could barely move. I began to think of ways that I could possibly dig myself out of the rubble. I searched for other small openings that might be available for me to get out of.

I pulled a few things of debris, careful not to start a chain reaction on top of me. Slowly but surely, I began to burrow my way up. I grabbed on to the nearest objects and pulled myself up with every bit of strength I had left. All I could think about was water, and if anyone else was alive other than me. I finally reached the top of the rubble.

Some floating dust particles and paper were suspended in the air. It was a cold, dark feeling. I felt more alone than I ever have in my entire life. I called out for someone, something. Nothing. I tried to recollect what happed in my mind before I blacked out. All I could remember was sirens, people running for their lives, and trying to find out an explanation of what it was.

Buildings were wiped almost completely out of their structures. All it was was gray. Gray, life-less, dust. Cars overturned on their sides. It was if the whole world had died off, and I was the only one left.

I started walking. I had no idea where I was heading, but it didn't help to stay in the same spot, so I felt I had to move on. At this point, I had no hopes in finding any clean water. There was too much dust in the air for any hopes of it. The air smelt of burning metal, flesh, rubber, and wood. It was a sickening smell. Little mounds of fires remained burning, and the sun was barely visible through the thick dust and ashes.

I realized that I had been walking towards a huge hill once I started walking slightly upwards. I called out for help again only to be disappointed. I was staring at the ground at this point when I heard the rustling of bushes. I turned my head quickly to the right and yelled "Who's there". Nothing. I kept looking in that general direction and slowly kept walking. I heard a small grunt come from the direction I had heard the noise. Fear started to consume me. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

I began to see a faint image of something advancing toward me, slowly as if it was readying itself to attack. I looked left and right quickly to grab the nearest thing to defend myself. The closest thing was a burning piece of wood that fell from a building that was on fire next to me. I quickly picked it up and watched as the being started to become visible.

As it advanced, I stared it down. Shivers went down my spine; this thing was inhuman. It had spikes lined down the back of its spine, and claws that were bigger than my feet, and as sharp as razorblades. It's eyes were as cold as the dusty air that I breathed into my lungs. It had to be about 10 feet away from me when it stopped, and observed me. It snarled, and let out a menacing shriek which caused me to put my hands over my ears. The sound was so loud, and so horrible. It started to advance towards me again.

I took my piece of burning timber, and readied it, like a baseball bat. My stance was lowered. It crept towards me, closer and closer. I kept my vision on it. It stopped when it was about six feet or so from me. I thought about charging the being and striking it down, but I decided to wait instead. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw more figures advancing toward me, coming from behind its shoulders. I looked left and right hoping for somewhere to run, as I was beginning to get outnumbered.

More came from the left and right, and by this point I was sure they were behind me as well. I was surrounded. It had became more and more clear why I was the last surviving human on earth. Whatever these were are what's in control now.

I tried to think of what I could do, but they were advancing closer and closer. I had less and less time to think. Then, one of them leaped toward me with a menacing shriek. I swung at it with the piece of timber and struck it, right in the face. It fell onto the ground shrieking, and grabbed its jaw. The rest looked at each other, and were prepared to jump on me any chance they had.

They slowly circled in. This is it. I thought I had no chance at all.

I heard a faint sound of a motor humming. It started to come closer, and closer to me. The beings stopped, and were aroused at the sound as well. It sounded like a vehicle. I sighed a little in relief, but also in remorse, as it had delayed my immanent departure. I turned around slowly but cautiously to watch if they would try anything. I saw a small opening between their circle. It was now or never. I dashed in between the circle.

The hum of the vehicle was getting closer and closer. I ran, and they chased. They were faster than me. Sooner than I expected, one of them ripped me from behind and tossed me on the ground, knocking the wind out of me. The piece of timber I held flew from my hands. Two of them jumped on me, and slashed my face with their sickening sharp claws. Blood went everywhere. This was it again. I didn't even try to fight back.

Just as I thought I was going to die, the sound of a machine gun sounded and the two that were on top of me were blown to pieces. The rest of them ran off into the dusty air and parted from sight. I laid on the ground breathless, weak, and almost lifeless. Someone walked up to me and I could faintly hear "What is your name?".

I tried to gain the strength to say my name. I gasped "D...D..D-an A..". And that was it. I blacked out.

Part two coming soon I wrote this as soon as I saw the thread, so hopefully it's slightly enjoyable.
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Tue May 27 2008, 08:28PM
Anal Assassin

Registered Member #455
Joined: Mon Oct 09 2006, 04:58AM
Posts: 3835
wow knight! that shit was awsome. i played it in my head like a movie!

I will write one later.
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Cookie Monster
Tue May 27 2008, 09:28PM
Registered Member #770
Joined: Tue Jul 03 2007, 03:16PM
Posts: 695
piuhntuwipaeuh 3uiy8iby i buyhngbguyuytfuyjht <<<< My head hitting the keyboard
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Tue May 27 2008, 09:32PM

Registered Member #958
Joined: Fri Jan 04 2008, 06:59AM
Posts: 3381
I liked that Knight. I'll have mine posted by the end of tonight ^_^
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Tue May 27 2008, 10:11PM
FTS Server Op

Registered Member #159
Joined: Wed Mar 01 2006, 06:33PM
Posts: 2681
i wish i didnt have to type by ps3 or else id have something good for you guys.
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Tue May 27 2008, 10:48PM
Registered Member #756
Joined: Sat Jun 23 2007, 10:49PM
Posts: 1717
i would type something but i haven't got my care keyboard right now.

[ Edited Tue May 27 2008, 10:49PM ]
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Wed May 28 2008, 01:09AM
Registered Member #389
Joined: Thu Aug 17 2006, 10:20PM
Posts: 597
It had spread like wildfire, up above there was no hope, hell the hope down here was dwindling but at least we were safe, safe from one evil anyway.

The surface was condemned, condemned to perish, whittle and burn. While we were condemned to perish whittle and starve.

Some times I think about what would of happened if I had stayed up top, stayed with my family, my children and my friends. It had been four years since the panic, little Charlie would of been six. Then the clocks stopped, with no light down here apart from the flicker of fire or the glow of what little electricity we had left, we had no idea when we should sleep, eat or drink. That's when we divided.

"Day and night" have no meaning down here, not many words do now. When time stood still our "leaders" where questioned our motives examined, "wait it out" they had said, they still do in fact. Some stayed with the council, others followed "break away" leaders such as Kisha, Turk and Rav. Whilst other simply wandered off into the darkness never to be seen again.

There's three simple rules down here.

1. Never go anywhere alone.
2. Ration any supplies found.
3. Do not sleep.

When we moved down here to escape our fates up top, we didn't consider if there was already inhabitants, this was a major flaw. I myself haven't personally seen one and don't plan to either. So we are constantly on the move for we haven't got the protection of the Council walls, Rav's spears nor Turk's brute force. It may of been a mistake to split but there is no changing it now.

I sometimes wonder what would happened if I had stayed up top, If there was a heaven, if there is I'm not going there now, not after the deeds I've done to my own people down here anyway. The lives I've ended the crimes I've committed, well crime has no meaning down here, rape, murder and theft are often.

So here we are condemned to perish whittle and starve.
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Wed May 28 2008, 02:40AM

Registered Member #958
Joined: Fri Jan 04 2008, 06:59AM
Posts: 3381
From the Journal of Erich Bachman; November 27, 2013.

Nearing dusk on chilly day, a dog was picking through the garbage and debris in the back of a dark alley. I absolutely hated myself for what I had to do, but it was necessary to our survival. It was just too close to our camp, if it came near us or barked at us it would just give us away. I lifted up my shotgun and I pulled back the hammer, right as the dog looked up at me with the most adorable brown eyes. She looked just like the dog I had as a kid. I couldn't do anything to hurt it. Isaac came up behind me and nudged my arm.

"You gonna do it or not?"

I didn't respond. I looked back at the dog... it was shivering and just looked so meek and emaciated. I lowered my gun and it wagged its tail a little bit. I just couldn't treat another living being with the same cold cruelty I'd faced the others with. I took a scrap of bread out of my pack and fed it. I told Isaac not to worry about it, I'd keep it quiet.

We were on East Court street in downtown. One of the only sections of the city we've been able to keep clear. Me and Isaac finished up our patrol with our new dog wagging its tail and trotting happily behind us. It was gonna be dark soon; We needed to get back to base. We didn't have the Nightvision technology like the fucking Reds did, so we didn't want to get picked off by some fucking sniper positioned in the chapel a half-mile away.

As we walked back towards our outpost at the old Justice Center, I couldn't stop thinking about the whole reason I almost killed an innocent animal. Figure I might as well keep some record of how we survived too, in case someone ever finds this.

In late May 2010 I woke up early one day to a news report of Commie subs entering American Waters. Just to be safe, I called off work and started packing up some of my shit. Lucky I didn't have much, cause about an hour later, the air raid sirens started going off and we got reports that a few cities got Nuked. D.C., NYC, and Chicago were the first. Everyone fucking panicked of course. Car wrecks everywhere, looting, people running. I knew we wouldn't be a target yet. We were just too small of a city. I grabbed my backpack and a duffel-bag with as much food and ammo as I could carry and grabbed my .357 and my 12 Gauge. I left my apartment and headed to the abandoned subway entrance that no one seemed to know about.

I got kinda lucky that City Council fucked up too much to do anything with em. There were about forty other people down there, about ten or eleven were just kids. We got as many people as we could fit in and fortified the entrances. I was real lucky that I met Isaac that day. He helped coordinate the whole thing.

It was about a day in and we couldn't get any contact on radio or phones. Later that night they started bombing us. Jets were flying over all day dropping loads on us. I swear I thought I was gonna go deaf cause everyone of those bombs echoed the whole fucking subway system. But we were safe down there.

I kinda knew what was gonna happen next, but I don't know how. I had us set up outposts at three different buildings outside of exits to the system. We set up one at the hospital, another at a Macy's, and the last at the Justice Center. After that we went out looking for wounded and sent some people to raid any gun and ammo store we could think of. We had a decent cache of ammo and weapons. Mostly small arms and some .22cals, but it was a start.

If it weren’t for a few days to get all this done, we wouldn’t be alive now. On June 1st, our patrols and outposts saw nothing but Reds pushing through the streets. Chinamen, Russians, a bunch of fuckin’ towelheads. Most of them marched on at full pace, and we let them since we were hidden so well, but a company of the Chinamen and two companies of the Ruskies stayed back and started patrolling. As soon as they got wind of us we were getting hit by heavy machine gun fire and mortars. Our fortifications at the Hospital and the Justice Center held up, but the Department store got ransacked. We never saw one of those guys again.

We got reinforcements from some Marines who were deployed to Columbus who had swept down I-71 right towards us. They helped us force those fucking Reds out of our quadrant. They stayed with us and let us know that just about every main city was a bunch of rubble. Columbus got dusted by the Ivans and the Army had to pull outta there and came to help us.

So now we were stuck in a five block radius in downtown Cincinnati with forty men and about a hundred Marines. Six months after it happened and we’ve still been getting pounded by the Reds. Gradually it became nothing more than a guerrilla resistance from the subways and our outposts. In October, a scout came through and leaked that the Navy and the Air Force had managed to regain control of the airspace and American waters on the Eastern Coast, but the Western Coast still had tons of the fucking Reds pouring in.

That’s pretty much all I know about what started the war. A communist alliance with some towelhead jihadists pretty much laid waste to all of Europe and America in a two day span. I’m not even fighting for my country anymore. I’m just fighting for survival now.

I'll post Chapter 2 later.
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