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Favorite Drinking Games
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Author Post
Thu Jun 29 2006, 01:45PM
you would

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Favorite Drinking Games

Yes so I’m an alcoholic for even thinking of beer at this time… while at work none the less. But I figured we should have a thread about our favorite drinking games. Who knows, you may learn something new. I’ll start:


Ahh yes, who doesn’t know how to play a good game of ruit? This being the case, I’ll just describe our house rules. The first throw is determined by a coin toss (must be a quarter), after that, the winner proceeds on to the next game and is awarded the first throw of that game. The winner can participate in as many games as they like (unless they lose) until they take a break to “let the foam settle” or allow another person to take their spot (or partner if it’s a doubles match, which is how we usually play). There is a two beer minimum distributed over 6 cups, and if a mystery cup game is agreed upon, the designated beer pong ref will add the mystery ingredient to one cup on each team. At no time is any team to look at which cup the ref is pouring the mystery liquid into, and they are not to be informed throughout the entire game which cups are the mystery cup, nor what the mystery liquid is. Each team has two balls (two throws), and cups are to be racked at 4, 3, 2, and 1 cups left, if and only if the throwing team remembers to say “Rack ‘em.” There is to be no interference with a normal, no-bounce pass, even if it is spinning around the rim of the cup. A bounce pass is worth two cups and can be swatted away, while two separate balls in a single cup means you drink the table. If the thrower misses the table completely, the ball is deemed an air ball and can be caught by the opposing team for a 1 cup penalty. If a team is delaying the game (drunk dialing or whatever) the opposing team can call “Game on,” and the delaying team now has 10 seconds to resume play. Bounce passes can only be thrown while the opposing team is facing the table (not necessarily looking at the table (no bouncers if they bend over to pick up a previous pass)) Spilling beer, no matter how little in volume is a party foul, and must be swiftly punished by means of a slap no greater nor further than two inches away from the face. Redemption can be made after a team has sunk a ball in every one of the opposing team’s cups. Redemption is as follows:
1 cup left with 1 ball in = must make in at least 1 ball
2 cups left with 2 balls in or 1 bouncer = must make at least 1 bouncer or 2 balls in
2 bouncers in 2 cups = 2 bouncers must be made, or 2 balls in one cup
2 balls in one cup (no bouncer) = at least 1 bouncer and 1 ball in 2 cups
2 bouncers in one cup = no redemption, drink it all bitch

Now that you know our house rules, here are two more fun games

Drunken Baseball

Drunk baseball is played with a wiffle ball bat and either a wiffle ball or tennis ball
The batter (and pitcher if you decide to go that way) must chug a beer in its entirety, spin around the bat three times, then swing at a pitch. If the batter hits the ball, he must attempt to run to first base. If he can make it without falling, it’s a home run and he bats again. This game gets reeeeeeally funny in the later innings, and many people can end up on the disabled list. Simple yet one of the best games I’ve played.

Circle of Death

Every drinking party needs a card game, and this is it. Players sit in a circle at a table with a full beer at the center. Every player also has their own drink (and refills nearby, cause your gonna need them). A deck of cards is scattered in a circle around the center beer. Decide on who goes first and which direction you will go around the circle. The first player selects a card and gets to look at what it is he turns to the person that will pick next and asks him to guess what color the card is (red or black… unless you play with uno cards, in which case I won’t be able to help you there) If they guess correctly, the person holding the card, drinks the value of the card. If they guess wrong, the guesser drinks. Card values are as follows (can be done by drinking in seconds or gulps)
2 = 2 secs, or 2 gulps
3 = 3
4 = 4
Jack = 11
Queen = 12
King = 13
Ace = 15 or 1 (determined at beginning of game)
Once the drinking has been fulfilled, the card is placed on top of the beer can in the middle. Every card placed after that must be on the edge of that card, then the edges of those cards and so on. You end up making a big umbrella in the middle of the table which is amazingly sturdy (I’ve seen them up to a 1 foot radius). If a player knocks down the umbrella of cards, they must drink the beer in the center of the table. This is more difficult than it sounds because, not only do you have to place the card on the umbrella, but you must reach under it to pick up a new card (hence circle of death). It’s sort of like drunken jenga, but much more fun. In one game, my friend guessed every one of his cards wrong, and they were all face cards. He went through a six pack in 30 minutes (I think it might have been Cinco de Mayo too, anyway, needless to say he was plastered that night).

So those are my top 3 drinking games. Post your favorites below so we get sort of a drinktionary going. Also does anyone have any smoking games (if there is such a thing)?

2 pages and $11 of slack time went into the making of this post

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Thu Jun 29 2006, 03:33PM
FTS Server Op

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Now the variation of the rules for kings is an endless list. Like 4ngry and his ruit rules, which mine are way different, I'll give you how I sometimes play. You either put a cup, or a full beverage in the middle of a table and place all 52 cards spread out in a circle around the beverage/cup. You guys choose who goes first, usually who ever's deck of cards is being used. For each card there is a rule, and this is how it goes
2 - is to you, wich means you choose anyone to drink
3 - is to me, means you drink
4 - to the floor, last person to touch floor or table drinks
5 - guys, all guys drink
6 - chicks, all girls drink
7 - is to heaven, last person to raise their hand drinks
8 - is stright, the person across from you drinks
9 - bustarhyme, you can either make a sentence, and or a word, but person who fails to rhyme drinks. (Words like orange and month are not allowed)
10 - catagories, you choose a catagory, and the person who can't list something is a catagory drinks. i.e. Ninja turtles, either the person who can't name one of the four, or the 5th person would have to drink
Jack - Back, the person who went before you has to drink
Queen - Questions, You ask anyone a question, make sure you look at them, and they have to then ask someone else a different question, but never answering the question ask. I enjoy to ask shocking questions like " Do you ever have sex with midgets while jerking off a stalion?"
King - Pour drink into cup/mke a rule, you can play with either, or both. When we use a cup and not a full beer, we use both. Rule example: In my bummy, everytime you talk you have to end the sentence with "in my bummy"
Ace - Waterfall, now, this is my favorite card to fuck people on, since I can down a beer or two. Everyone stands up and has to drink around the circle starting with the person who got the card. Now the second person can't stop drinking untill the first person does, so on and so forth.
The person who pulls the last king has to drink the mystery mix in the middle, or the full beer, quickly, but not a chugg.

Time for my ruit rules
At the start of a game, the starting team is based on a one v one stare throwdown, you cannot look at the cups, only the person your throwing against, and you have to throw at the same time, first one to get it in a cup when the other person doesn't starts the game.
Reg. Rules:
You get a ball in cup, you pull the cup, if your partner gets a ball in cup too, pull that cup, get balls back
If you sink two balls into the same cup, the game is over, that is a win.
If you sink a ball into the one of the other team's drinknig cup, the game is over, that is a win. (Always have to protect your drinking cup)
A bounce shot is worth two cups to be pulled, they have to be connecting, with contact on the table, this is allowed to get the bitch slap ( you can slap it t oprotect your cup)
Knocking a cup over results in the loss of that cup, and a party foul, which who ever calls it controls your fate
A rebuttle happens on 6, 4, 3, 1 cups left, the 4 you make a diamond shape
Special Rules:
There are always special rules for certain occasions
Trophey rule:
You but a trophey that is shaped like a bowl only into the middle of the table, this makes the bounce harder, if the ball lands in the trophey, you have to chugg a beer out of it, if you bounce a ball in the trophey and into a cup of the other team, pull three cups. This too can get the bitch slap
Perfect Victory:
A perfect victory is when the other team really just sucks and couldn't even put one cup away. The cause of this is they drink all their cups, then all of your cups, then have to do a naked lap somewhere, usually around the building you are in. I've seen this once.
Ruit Story:
One time I was playing, we were getting our asses kicked, and the girl on the other team had her cup behind her back for safe keepings, I threw the ball off the wall, and it landed in her cup for the win, I retirered from ruit for the night after that.

Now you guys will read my last two games, and be like, I can do that whenever, may never do them, but this next, and final game from me (for now) is something your all gonna be like, "Shit! Let's do that!"
The Beer Mile:
This is the greatest athletic event in the history of man kind.
What You Need:
A track that is 1/4 of a mile, this makes it work out perfectly
Atleast two runners, who can actually run a mile
Stopwatch, or other timeing device
The runners have to chugg a beer at evey lap they complete, and one at the start, but none at the end.
Time the runners, the one with the fastest time (Including the chugg part) wins
I'v seen a kid do this in a little over seven minutes, which I thought was impressive, he also threwup at the end, which was enjoyable for the viewers aswell!

[ Edited Thu Jun 29 2006, 03:38PM ]
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Thu Jun 29 2006, 03:39PM
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I've never played waffle ball. sounds deliscious

wiffle ball is fun though.
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Thu Jun 29 2006, 03:53PM
you would

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Rusty wrote ...
If you sink a ball into the one of the other team's drinknig cup, the game is over, that is a win. (Always have to protect your drinking cup)

I like that rule. I'll run it by the commitee to discuss an audit with our ruling system.

Wu-banga wrote ...

I've never played waffle ball. sounds deliscious

wiffle ball is fun though.

lol, my spell check must have auto corrected that to waffle on me.

[ Edited Thu Jun 29 2006, 03:55PM ]
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Fri Jun 30 2006, 04:38AM
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well im too lazy to read all that so im just gonns say my fav game is the one where u drink
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Fri Jun 30 2006, 06:37PM
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Here is my drinking game. Sit down, open the bottle/can . Now here's the twist! If it contains alcohol I drink it. If it dosen't I drink it. The game basically ends when I pass out or feel like throwing up.
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Fri Jun 30 2006, 07:42PM
you would

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You guys are no fun
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Sat Jul 01 2006, 04:46AM
FTS Server Op

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Wow, I thought this thread would be more popular, I mean, sometimes you have to find ways to drink your beer, other then just drinking it!
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