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[moved] Wisdom
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Author Post
Sun Jun 04 2006, 01:29AM
Registered Member #223
Joined: Wed Apr 26 2006, 10:53PM
Posts: 126
It's not just another stat for your rpg character. It is necessary for success.

Wisdom left me today as I set out on a journey to get a work truck for a friend (Richard) from 'back in the day.'

We saw it in the trading post for $200.

We call the number, the wife answers, and tells us there is no door on the drivers side. THE ADD SAID NOTHING ABOUT A MISSING DOOR. So I'm like, cool, hopefully that is why it is $200. We go to see it and its beat up, a little rust, but its what we need, a "work truck." Test drive it down the road and she is running nice sounding nice.

"We'll take it."

We dont have the money so we get the guy to hold it for a week while we get the door. Our door is in VA beach, the car is in chesapeake.

So its raining as we are getting the door in the puddle filled, mud laden junkyard. However, its fine, we couldn't work in this shit anyway so perfect time. No lost opportunity to make money at work.

We spot some nice seats in another '87 ford ranger, and Richard had to have them because the ones in the truck were DOO DOO. I said it was more money in what could be a hole, but he was able to talk the guy down from $35 a piece to $25. There was no talking him out of the seats after his successful haggle.

So, we go get the seats, after paying for them and they are rusted to the floor. We get 3 bolts out nicely and break the seat off the other one. So now we have to piece these seats with the bad seats. Yay, more work!

All the stuff, seats and door fit in my '94 Explorer. Setting out for chesapeake, its raining it's ass off and Richard has his head in the clouds as I drive past our exit onto 664. Now we are 'lost,' wet, and angry at each other for not paying attention.

Ariving at the house we see a new car in the driveway and are pleased to know we wont have to wait to start working. We fill up the tire that had a slow leak, which was non-existant a week ago when we test drove it. Also topped off the radiator with some hose water for good measure.

Paid, shook hands, and left. We get on the interstate and the thing is stuck in second. I go add some transmission fluid, she was about 3/4 of a quart shy when we first checked. Doesn't do the trick, we call the guy selling it, and he tells us to put it in first, then second then, drive.

"Does it have any transmission problems?"
--"No, runs fine"

Just part of the conversation that took place a week ago, that is now "It's an automatic, but drive it like a stick"

So we drive it around and get it to kick into third gear, and we are off onto the interstate to get her back to Hampton.

We get on the interstate and it wont go into 3rd for the life of me. 25mph might be the slowest anyone has ever driven down 664. If someone wants to say they have done better I'd like to know how. I'd say I pissed off, at least, 250 motorists on their way through the tunnel as I climbed out at about 15mph. "No changing lanes in the tunnel," incase you're wondering.

If you were one and your reading this, I'm sorry.

We get to Hampton and she starts knocking. So we add a quart of oil, and the knocking disappears for a block then changes sound.

Add a flat tire like 1 mile away from Richard's house.

Upon arrival, the only thing I can think to say is, "at least we didnt get pulled over."

He concurs, since he has no license and 9 pending suspension court dates,

Truck with Title=200
2 seats=50
gas in truck=12
gas for adventure=30
transmission fluid=3
10w30 oil=3
car cover=20
fix a flat=6

Realizing that you shouldn't deal with someone that leaves crucial information out of the trading post ad=

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Sun Jun 04 2006, 02:31AM
Registered Member #49
Joined: Tue Dec 06 2005, 01:37AM
Posts: 1561
that's why you don't buy cars from random people in a newspaper

edit: sorry had to move this to the Schooling Fish section, it basically became the general board as far as I know

[ Edited Sun Jun 04 2006, 02:34AM ]
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aborted fetus
Sun Jun 04 2006, 04:48AM
The All-Cum Diet
Registered Member #47
Joined: Mon Dec 05 2005, 04:55PM
Posts: 1888
I hate slow people in the tunnel. But, I hope it all works out for you. Just remember, there is some truth to the old adage "Buyer beware".

Good story...made me laugh.
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Sun Jun 04 2006, 10:39AM
Surf Owner/Operator
Registered Member #29
Joined: Tue Nov 29 2005, 01:47AM
Posts: 409
lol silly aws....and don't think this is his only funny adventure lol...and hey don't blame aws for where he puts it..he says he's lucky he can surf our webpage....he says ie doesn't work well with our webpage.
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Sun Jun 04 2006, 03:47PM
you would

Registered Member #149
Joined: Sun Feb 12 2006, 01:08AM
Posts: 2039
It's hard for me to believe that any vehicle under 500$ is in working condition. If it seems too good to be true then it probably is.

(I play pro for monday morning quarterbacks )
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aborted fetus
Sun Jun 04 2006, 09:17PM
The All-Cum Diet
Registered Member #47
Joined: Mon Dec 05 2005, 04:55PM
Posts: 1888
lol, Toast.
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