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2017 Game Development
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Author Post
Mon Nov 13 2017, 05:56AM
Registered Member #1185
Joined: Fri Oct 30 2009, 09:53AM
Posts: 346
Hello Old Guys,
I'm going to be sharing with you a tutorial made by an indie developer that I believe in and trust. He has made 2 fucking great games in a row, and has released all his e-books and tutorials for free. If you happened to play "The Ball" or "The Solus Project" you should be excited. He made both these games in under 2 years and they are fucking bangers. You may see Unreal Engine 4 and say "El snore-o, U4 games suck", but every AAA game studio uses an IDE comparible to UR4 and procedures similar to him, they are just legally obligated to not share their process. Watch this Dude make all his rock instances (for a game about rocks) in 2 hours, and explain how he did it in 20 seconds. If your brain were a clit his level design is Dwayne Johnson's finger. I want to divorce my fattening wife for this middle eastern piece of shit just for his story-telling abilities. No 3d Modeling required; he downloads 47 models from like those god damn South Parkorean PUBG charlies do and then proceeds to bends them over one by one in the afterlife.
I used to work on 3d modeling as a kid, but after a while I realized I was ultimately going to be a game-developer's bitch. if you're in the same boat as me and aren't actually going to get into game development, but instead are really drunk on scotch and like to play pretend watch this guy's tutorials.

[ Edited Mon Nov 13 2017, 06:00AM ]
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Mon Nov 13 2017, 08:27AM
Registered Member #1185
Joined: Fri Oct 30 2009, 09:53AM
Posts: 346
god damnit, I'm throw-up drunk, and I spend my time talking to make-believe friends. Don't the exact opposite of everything I say.
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26 Nov : 09:21

sup amish. i changed my tag like 4 years ago so i hope it wasn't recent

15 Nov : 03:48

HEY ALL !! Im back again from my .... ? Well Government Contracting, So Ill be around more I think. Been a while. How has everyone been.

03 Nov : 02:55

I played with NoName|Boom one time, that was definitely not cool

Cookie Monster
25 Sep : 19:37

I played with Buddha one time, that was cool

25 Sep : 04:40

Heya all. long time no see :P

been gaming again recently (PUBG) and if anyone wants to play message me on steam (evilpig)

07 Sep : 23:27


24 Aug : 04:02

I miss you all let's all videochat sometime. Fuck Amish though, that faggot isn't invited.

20 Aug : 02:17

pubg anyone?

17 Jun : 15:10

I thought it was Aborted Fetus whom was arrested for a pedo ring.

13 Jun : 05:34

LeBron How Does It Feel To Be A Pussy Ass Bitch?

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