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That Loving (FT) Feeling
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Author Post
Sun Mar 30 2014, 01:51AM
Registered Member #445
Joined: Sun Oct 01 2006, 11:42PM
Posts: 2233
In retrospect, I am in debt to FT. not only for all the years of fun we've, but for fucking saving my my ass a while ago.

A long long time ago I had met some shady characters that got me into this weird scam. The general gist of it was they would send me checks for there company from customers and i would cash it, and then send them the money via money gram after keeping 10%. so I get one check one morning and deposit it in my Bank of America account for 5,000 bucks. the check clears and everything but I actually get a little suspicious about this. I google a few things about this but I can't really find details about this particular scam anywhere and in the back of my mind I'm saying how could it fool the bank? Confused I eventually make a post here, and everyone basically calls me an idiot, which was very very fitting not definitive. Then Noskill tells me NO and to stop everything right away, and proceeds to explain the scam perfectly in detail. The check would eventually bounce but I would have already sent a wire for 4g, so I would owe the bank 4gs. At 16, I have no idea where the fuck I woulda found 4,000 dollars. That was truly a great save.

Noskill, I just kinda remembered this, and if your out there buddy I owe you a night out on me, no questions asked.

so in reference to the original purpose of the thread, I am here and willing to help with resurrecting FT. I've donated in the past when we tried resurrecting b4 and I'd donate again. I have minimal time for gaming though, between my 50 hr work days and CPA/ finance studying i just don't have much time but I am here to support in the best way that I can

Edit: the original thread asking about the scam is floating around here somewhere, if I find it Ill post the link

[ Edited Sun Mar 30 2014, 02:02AM ]
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Sun Mar 30 2014, 02:23AM
Registered Member #445
Joined: Sun Oct 01 2006, 11:42PM
Posts: 2233

Knight that post was very well said. It really coined in to alot of issues i had forgottn about

and glitch, I you are the man. From Shotty Hotties as I love the pure simple ownage of that gun. I especially loved "the long range 102 dmg in one hit I dunno how the fk shots" were bs, but awesome and you, Wu Banga, Airborne Aggie, Omega, Patio, Cha, Aborted Fetus and a were the first guys I connected with.

And a special shootout to those probably forgettn fun members like Tits from Atlantic city, Reckless, Catpoop, Twitch...

[ Edited Sun Mar 30 2014, 02:32AM ]
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Sun Mar 30 2014, 11:21PM
Registered Member #1160
Joined: Tue Jun 30 2009, 09:42PM
Posts: 608
I just wanna add my 2 cents since I don't have any cool nostalgic memories to share other than good times had on the Surf server during the last few remaining months of life the FT clan had.

I'm 99% positive that every and any FT member out there (whether they visit this site or not) still plays video games to some extent. Maybe you can't play til 5 am. Hell, maybe you can only play once a month but I think it's still a part of your life in some shape or form. Like you guys said the age of FPS is over so maybe what this site needs is a revamp instead of a resurrection.

Rather than trying to revive a CS clan, we should think about transforming it into a haven where players can come to meet other players and find teammates to play coop games. I say we because despite not having shared in half the fun you guys talk about, this site feels like a brotherhood that I can honestly say makes me feel welcomed. And yes I check this site almost everyday to see what new thread, link, chat, or rant is posted. To be honest, even reading the nostalgia-threads is worth the visit.

Anyways, plenty of ppl have a loads of games (especially on steam) that would be 10x better to play with another person. Not to mention team-based games like LoL, DOTA, etc.....and all the other games set to come out this summer. At the same time, the site can retain most of what made it great to begin with like heated political debates, deep philosophical conversations about life, and yes, dick jokes (also glitch's random XVID link that always makes the day better)

I know CS will always hold a special place in your hearts along with all the memories and it might feel like "selling out" or something to change the site, but maybe it could work. Like I said, just my 2 cents. Hate it or love it
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Tue Apr 01 2014, 02:00AM
Anal Assassin

Registered Member #455
Joined: Mon Oct 09 2006, 04:58AM
Posts: 3834
MV.... i remember that scam. And i remember the shitstorm it created when you posted it here lol. Them were good times (well...yea you know what i mean).

And for anyone wanting to know.... i got Elder Scrolls Online and I am currently playing that for a little bit every day or every other day between work and what not. My name is Typhen. Account name is Typhen, character name is Typhen....yadayada. Search me out.
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Wed Apr 02 2014, 01:09AM
Registered Member #445
Joined: Sun Oct 01 2006, 11:42PM
Posts: 2233
V3cT0rMan wrote ...

At the same time, the site can retain most of what made it great to begin with like heated political debates, deep philosophical conversations about life, and yes, dick jokes (also glitch's random XVID link that always makes the day better)

Man, like there was a point during FT when every single comment had some kind of gayness in it. like every thing we said was gay lol. its crazy how one day it just stopped.

anywho, i mean, in terms of branching out I say go right ahead. start posting topics on other games and inviting ppl to come join the discussion, y not? Before I was thinking about startin a LOL team and woulda made this website a go to for anyone to join. Maybe I will at some point who knows, but I say to anyone to make a post or topic about anything rly.
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Thu Apr 03 2014, 12:20AM
Anal Assassin

Registered Member #455
Joined: Mon Oct 09 2006, 04:58AM
Posts: 3834
I love all you homos. LIke big diks in ur ass love. And in mine.
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Thu Jun 19 2014, 03:17PM
Registered Member #555
Joined: Wed Jan 31 2007, 12:55AM
Posts: 64
Madvillain I see you were as noob IRL as in game. haha
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Fri Jun 20 2014, 03:29AM
Registered Member #445
Joined: Sun Oct 01 2006, 11:42PM
Posts: 2233
elmatador wrote ...

Madvillain I see you were as noob IRL as in game. haha

lmfaoaoooooo ahahahahaha I WAS a noob. Truth be told around that time I was pretty much an out of control lunatic so I am not surprised that happened to me. I was a fucking idiot.

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Wed Jul 02 2014, 05:09AM
Registered Member #49
Joined: Tue Dec 06 2005, 01:37AM
Posts: 1561
This thread is awesome. Good to see all of these faces still popping up. I'm still playing CS:GO pretty consistently. If any of you are still active, please PM me and we'll group up.

Thanks to BubbleGoose, I use a scout 99% of the time I play competitively in CS:GO. Still think about that every time I play and rape with the scout (pretty sure the weapon has a new name in CS:GO, but I can't remember what it is).

Anyway, thank you guys for being a great community. If you're still actively playing, don't hesitate to PM me.
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Tue Jul 08 2014, 03:46AM

Registered Member #457
Joined: Tue Oct 10 2006, 01:13PM
Posts: 2627

^ best commentary ever. This, is irreplaceable and unforgettable. The porn conversation at the end is awesome lmao.

I don't even remember how I found FT. I know for a few years I played WoW:BC with Kremit. Mage Warlock Arena team... that was a lot of fun. And I have a 5 dig steam id so who knows when I started. Joined the forum in October 2006.

Mad, I'm glad I could help with that Nigerian bank scam lol.

I wrote a whole shit ton of posts about finance and dating and politics and god knows what else. I also liked to use this forum as an outlet, even if no one read it, I had fun just getting it out there.

The downfall of FT started with the faction splits. Half the server started their own server, and both failed. In the attempt to revive it some of us (myself included) got too overzealous, tried fixing the clan with walls of text instead of just playing the game. I remember trying to carry the server by sitting in Spectator for hours on end and I'll be damned if it didn't work a bunch. From 1 on 1, to 3 on 3, next thing you know the server is hopping...

But yes life takes over, video games are a once a week proposition. Work, bills, girls, bars, parties, more work, more bars, DUI's, pets, fuckin shit gets hectic.

I'm going to go try to find some old posts lol.
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Whoa y'all still exist! :O

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Having admin on this website is like in Lion King when Mustafa is like, "All the land you can see before you is yours"

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I always wanted admin and not I laugh at who is admin

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Hope you didn't impregnate a crazy woman, lose your job, run over a cat and start smoknig crack.

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This might be a stretch but anyone play Battlerite?

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Here's one for you, glitch

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i was the guy with the really curvy dick there

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