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Guess who isn't dead yet.
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Wed Mar 01 2017, 06:07PM
Anal Assassin

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Zero wrote ...

Cant believe I missed this post and its been a while since ive been here (time is relative... I didnt releaize how much had passed) but holy shit this hit home for me.

My brother is a recovering heroin addict who did 4 months in jail and another month in rehab and im currently dealing with my own alcohol issues and this honestly helped.

Nothing I didnt realize on my own but im glad im not alone. Thanks for sharing bud and glad you're doing well.

I was drinking a lot too. Always have. Doc even asked if I was an alcoholic because of my bloodwork.

Wanna know what helps? Lemon water. I started slowly drinking some more iced lemon water and slowly reducing my alcohol intake. Eventually I stopped drinking much altogether. I still enjoy my brewski's here and there, and my occasional glass of scotch...but I find myself craving water now instead. The same craving I had when I wanted a drink is the craving I know get when I don't drink enough water.

And it's a fuck ton cheaper too.
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24 Apr : 19:00


12 Apr : 23:48

anyone want a code

01 Apr : 01:00

I have been playing csgo a bit lately if anyone is interested. mostly competitive. also I finish my doctorate in 3 weeks. what the fuck. when I started coming to this site I think I was 15 years old. the fact that any of you even tolerated me is unbelievable

07 Mar : 01:55

If you haven't watched Dark Knight Returns get on this shit -[link]-

06 Feb : 13:53

Congrats brother

28 Jan : 15:01


27 Jan : 22:50

I'm having twins.

27 Jan : 16:24

Holy shit I joined this site over 10 years ago.

Cookie Monster
07 Jan : 21:57

Oh God that was not safe for work...

07 Jan : 17:03

I just want to be this rich. No more. -[link]-

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