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Forum Cleanup
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Thu Jul 12 2012, 04:19PM

Registered Member #958
Joined: Fri Jan 04 2008, 06:59AM
Posts: 3381
I hate how big people's sigs are.
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Thu Jul 12 2012, 04:31PM
Registered Member #643
Joined: Tue Apr 10 2007, 04:44PM
Posts: 1923
says the dude with a giant baseball sig. I LIKE MY QUOTES SIR
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Thu Jul 12 2012, 06:58PM

Registered Member #958
Joined: Fri Jan 04 2008, 06:59AM
Posts: 3381
Kcow wrote ...

says the dude with a giant baseball sig. I LIKE MY QUOTES SIR

The problem is people have like 4+ quotes in their sig
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Thu Jul 12 2012, 07:00PM
Anal Assassin

Registered Member #455
Joined: Mon Oct 09 2006, 04:58AM
Posts: 3834
The quotes in sigs take up no loading time. It is the pictures. But i can see your point on "literal" size.
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Thu Jul 12 2012, 09:04PM
Space Monkey

Registered Member #1
Joined: Sat Nov 12 2005, 03:26AM
Posts: 374
I moved around some of the forums, and made others invisible (ones that had not been posted in for years). Nothing is deleted, just reorganized at the moment. Anything can be undone, and by no means is this a "final layout".

Ill go through peoples signatures on the web server and delete any sigs over 100K in file size. I do not pick and choose, I just remove all large sigs in 1 click.

Im reachable easy this entire week if anyone wants any forum changes back to the original.
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Fri Jul 13 2012, 05:52AM
terrible one

Registered Member #33
Joined: Tue Nov 29 2005, 11:50PM
Posts: 1290
b4ndito wrote ...

I hate how big people's sigs are.

it takes me far too long to load a page of posts on one page for 5 comments and 40% signature. I want to consider a rule on that again(?).
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Fri Jul 13 2012, 12:50PM
FT Classic Op

Registered Member #39
Joined: Fri Dec 02 2005, 10:30PM
Posts: 1545
All of the old subforums in 'FT Classic Op/Admins Aquarium' don't work anymore. I tried creating a new one and that works, but the old ones do not work.

I'm also curious why this forum was moved to the Golden Oldies section. There was a post in there from last week.
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George Stobbart (IRL)
Sat Jun 29 2013, 11:52PM
Registered Member #889
Joined: Fri Oct 12 2007, 08:00PM
Posts: 21
please do an update this forum is to complicated to use. Even to post a message is hard I don't know where this post will end up, will it end up as a reply to someone or will it be at the start of the topic its a nightmare update this shit nigger My little Ireland is full of Black people now its depressing where is the emo option I want to cry for my Ireland the ape is everywhere what can I do Multiculturalism is Trendy where is the crying emo??
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Sun Jun 30 2013, 02:13AM
FTS Server Op

Registered Member #159
Joined: Wed Mar 01 2006, 06:33PM
Posts: 2681
Really? The last post was almost exactly a whole year ago and you decided to resurrect it? Why not let it die it's death in peace!?
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George Stobbart (IRL)
Sun Jun 30 2013, 07:56PM
Registered Member #889
Joined: Fri Oct 12 2007, 08:00PM
Posts: 21
Sorry Rusty I don't come here much but honestly this forum is a nightmare to get around I really think this is a complicated site to use sorry if I'm not I.T savvy as the rest of you fellahs but I find this site hard to use I'm sure others will agree no disrespect to the fellahs that created it I appreciate all the security and stuff but apart from this I find it hard to use. I have four options here preview, reply to thread, post reply and new thread its a bit complicated ok I'm sure if iI spent some time I'd eventually understand it but all I'm saying is make is keep it simple. Its hard to use lads sorry anyone agree that it could be made more easy ?
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11 Sep : 23:38

i have no memory of typing that or what it means wtf

01 Sep : 05:52

when my life says "leave the light on" it means leave the light on.

21 Aug : 20:54


16 Jul : 03:54

whos gonna join my WoW cl(an)assic

15 Apr : 04:37

pubg is for meth heads

15 Apr : 04:36


14 Apr : 17:34

How come no one plays PUBG... glitch where you at

01 Feb : 08:22

Whoa y'all still exist! :O

21 Jan : 19:24

Having admin on this website is like in Lion King when Mustafa is like, "All the land you can see before you is yours"

19 Jan : 07:57

I always wanted admin and not I laugh at who is admin

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