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What are your thoughts on
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Sun Apr 03 2011, 05:16PM

Registered Member #457
Joined: Tue Oct 10 2006, 01:13PM
Posts: 2627
I've smoked weed everyday for like 8 years now. It's like cigarettes for me i guess (which I don't smoke). I don't get giggly or laughy or paranoid or any of that, maybe at first, now it just helps me relax, not think about stuff.

I used to smoke before school and between classes during college, at work and at home, it's never affected me negatively I don't think. I always did well enough with or without it.

All you people talkin about bad paths and failures and stuff I look at it like, you're either a failure or you're not. Weed isn't going to push the envelope one way or another. I mean we're talkin weed here... not heroin.
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Sun Apr 03 2011, 07:38PM
Registered Member #925
Joined: Mon Nov 26 2007, 05:23AM
Posts: 1452
that may be true, but weed obviously doesn't affect you like it does other people
generally speaking, you're not an average case
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Sun Apr 03 2011, 08:37PM
Registered Member #445
Joined: Sun Oct 01 2006, 11:42PM
Posts: 2233
3stripeninja wrote ...

Buddha wrote ...

Noname|Boom wrote ...

Never tried it, don't plan to, no real reason to start anyways.

I have this thing about self-control, because my family is full of failures.

My curiosity got the best of me, if i could i wouldn't of started smoking weed at all

[ Edited Sun Apr 03 2011, 08:40PM ]
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Sun Apr 03 2011, 08:45PM
FTS Server Op

Registered Member #159
Joined: Wed Mar 01 2006, 06:33PM
Posts: 2681
I'm a social smoker. I haven't smoked in over a year, but i don't miss it. I will probably smoke this summer when me and my buddies get a lake house. But I've never bought weed, and don't plan on buying it any time soon.

So I clearly don't smoke before classes or work...
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Sun Apr 03 2011, 11:18PM
Anal Assassin

Registered Member #455
Joined: Mon Oct 09 2006, 04:58AM
Posts: 3833
I can see how smoking weed may or may not affect someone. Ive seen horror stories of all kinds. Friends who used it as the gate drug and got into pill popping to the extreme. Others used it and went on to crack. Other friends just left it at weed. Some friends tried it and that was it.

Success rates vary. To some, it may just help the person get by through stressful times (sure enough i prolly could have used it myself for that reason)... instead i used alcohol (it got bad).

Ive smoked a blunt. It was nice. Real nice and smooth. But i can do without it.
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Sun Apr 03 2011, 11:43PM
Registered Member #1185
Joined: Fri Oct 30 2009, 09:53AM
Posts: 346
Does anyone know how to get weed in the midwest?
the black people here are unpredicatble.
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Mon Apr 04 2011, 12:40AM
Registered Member #1160
Joined: Tue Jun 30 2009, 09:42PM
Posts: 608
amishburrito wrote ...

Does anyone know how to get weed in the midwest?
the black people here are unpredicatble.

i heard its damn near impossible to find weed in the midwest especially ohio
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Mon Apr 04 2011, 01:21AM
That one guy...
Registered Member #250
Joined: Tue May 09 2006, 11:59PM
Posts: 2603
Plenty of pot smokers in MN...
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Mon Apr 04 2011, 03:00AM
Registered Member #925
Joined: Mon Nov 26 2007, 05:23AM
Posts: 1452
plenty in sd, and you don't have to deal with the darks...because there basically are none
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Mon Apr 04 2011, 03:01AM
Registered Member #925
Joined: Mon Nov 26 2007, 05:23AM
Posts: 1452
no offense madv
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sorry i deleted u off steam maddogme i have issues with friend commitment stemming from not speaking to my own brothers for 15+ years

17 Feb : 09:47

this is 10 years for me fuckers. im proud of you. thank you kremit for keeping this site alive.

30 Jan : 02:21

pubg is a serious piece of shit

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I played with NoName|Boom one time, that was definitely not cool

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25 Sep : 19:37

I played with Buddha one time, that was cool

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Heya all. long time no see :P

been gaming again recently (PUBG) and if anyone wants to play message me on steam (evilpig)

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