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my cousin just dumped me and shes going to get her bro to kill me :( ....
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Author Post
Fri Aug 18 2006, 03:29AM
Registered Member #49
Joined: Tue Dec 06 2005, 01:37AM
Posts: 1561
We got intimate for the first time right, and we were in bed right, and her legs were wide open fully nude.

this was the first time ive ever seen a female vagina in person and yeah so, I approach her and think to myself, yo - i better start off with some foreplay. (because google said that foreplay loosens her up, and that touching her clit to open up her vagina gate isnt true)

I sat on her stomach and I imagined her clits were game controller buttons and i rapidly tapped her clits like i was playing street fighter 2 turbo. I tapped L and R twice but the Barrell Roll failed, buttsex was not initiated. I was thinking of E Honda and that super fast karate chop thing he does so it would motivate me to go faster ( and get my mind off sex so i wouldnt finish early).

i got a little over excited and she started to scream then she kicked me off and ran from me. She went to the kitchen and started to cry and now shes calling her brother and I think hes going to kick my ass.

was she mad because I wasnt pressing it fast enough? I am really good at mario party games so im kinda confused
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Fri Aug 18 2006, 04:03AM
♥ (✿◠‿◠) ♥

Registered Member #75
Joined: Sat Dec 17 2005, 08:51PM
Posts: 3128
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[FT] CaTPooP
Fri Aug 18 2006, 04:24AM
Registered Member #122
Joined: Sat Jan 07 2006, 09:16AM
Posts: 202

Wu-banga wrote ...

I am really good at mario party games so im kinda confused

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Fri Aug 18 2006, 04:25AM
Registered Member #164
Joined: Tue Mar 07 2006, 12:07PM
Posts: 3146
it was nice knowing u wu

yeah thatis confusing... did you try the double-punch barrel roll?
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mad + bad
Fri Aug 18 2006, 07:08AM
Registered Member #388
Joined: Thu Aug 17 2006, 10:16PM
Posts: 5
Wrong button combination - I think you unlocked a new player.
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BuBBLe GooSe
Fri Aug 18 2006, 07:24AM
The Original MilfHunter
Registered Member #163
Joined: Mon Mar 06 2006, 02:24PM
Posts: 1592
(Wu is the one in the White Robe. )

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Fri Aug 18 2006, 12:10PM
you would

Registered Member #149
Joined: Sun Feb 12 2006, 01:08AM
Posts: 2039
Well here's your problem, you forgot to rotate the joy-stick.
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Fri Aug 18 2006, 12:42PM
Registered Member #303
Joined: Sat Jun 17 2006, 05:07PM
Posts: 28
hado-ken always worked for me. was that on sega genesis or on super nintendo? il give u a few pointers, practice on chun li anyway she has a faster kick then ehonda has arm,
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Fri Aug 18 2006, 01:21PM
AKA cupcake
Registered Member #374
Joined: Fri Aug 04 2006, 03:38AM
Posts: 858
lol, did you mash the buttons, or were you going for combos?

wow, kern...quadruple post!
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Fri Aug 18 2006, 01:35PM
Registered Member #164
Joined: Tue Mar 07 2006, 12:07PM
Posts: 3146
holy shit fucking quadruple post kernel lol
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i have no memory of typing that or what it means wtf

01 Sep : 05:52

when my life says "leave the light on" it means leave the light on.

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16 Jul : 03:54

whos gonna join my WoW cl(an)assic

15 Apr : 04:37

pubg is for meth heads

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How come no one plays PUBG... glitch where you at

01 Feb : 08:22

Whoa y'all still exist! :O

21 Jan : 19:24

Having admin on this website is like in Lion King when Mustafa is like, "All the land you can see before you is yours"

19 Jan : 07:57

I always wanted admin and not I laugh at who is admin

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