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$423.5 million
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Author Post
Tue Dec 23 2008, 11:52PM
FTS Server Op

Registered Member #159
Joined: Wed Mar 01 2006, 06:33PM
Posts: 2681
Yankees Suck.

I now need to find my old yankees suck t-shirts, or get a new one that could say "A-Rod blows Tex" or something like that.

How a team has the 4 highest paid players in baseball, after asking for about $400 mill from tax money to help build their $1 billion stadium, and can go spend at least $423.5 million on the hot stove.

So by my math, that makes the yankees spending $1.82 billion in a year.

Let's talk.
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Wed Dec 24 2008, 12:16AM
Registered Member #756
Joined: Sat Jun 23 2007, 10:49PM
Posts: 1717
Lets not.
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Wed Dec 24 2008, 12:25AM
Registered Member #643
Joined: Tue Apr 10 2007, 04:44PM
Posts: 1923
Glas4d wrote ...

Lets not.

There are 2 possible options

1. Talk to Rusty
2. Be gay

I'd take both if there were such a way
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Wed Dec 24 2008, 12:53AM
Meteor 2016

Registered Member #316
Joined: Mon Jun 26 2006, 09:14PM
Posts: 3502
This is why baseball needs a salary cap. You have teams that are fucking pathetic like the Yankees that spend limitless money on players just to win, and they end up not winning. Know why? Money doesn't get you everywhere, and that's showed because when's the last time the Yankees won a World Series?

I think sports players are paid way too much. There are people that work harder, like working 60-70 hours a week with no overtime just to pay the bills and feed the family. These guys entertain us. Sure, they have to have a lot of talent and be pretty strong, but is it really worth 180 million dollars? Hell no.

Baseball needs to talk salary cap to give teams like the Pirates a chance to win. I mean, 423 million dollars, while the Pirates have 50 million at our dispense. Fucking pathetic. If the Yanks roll face this year, I'm not even watching baseball.
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Wed Dec 24 2008, 01:09AM
Registered Member #643
Joined: Tue Apr 10 2007, 04:44PM
Posts: 1923
I don't follow baseball, but are these players even that good to be worth half a billion dollars a year?
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Wed Dec 24 2008, 01:44AM

Registered Member #185
Joined: Thu Mar 30 2006, 10:42PM
Posts: 3168
I'm 99% sure that it was not for a year...

I imagine it's a certain number of years contract...

If I'm wrong, fuck that shit.
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Wed Dec 24 2008, 02:09AM
Registered Member #164
Joined: Tue Mar 07 2006, 12:07PM
Posts: 3146
fucking christ... i wouldve been fine if it were the nats...
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Ruskiy Soldat
Wed Dec 24 2008, 02:19AM
Registered Member #465
Joined: Tue Oct 17 2006, 10:00PM
Posts: 1295
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Wed Dec 24 2008, 02:32AM
Registered Member #594
Joined: Thu Mar 15 2007, 09:37PM
Posts: 471
hey rusty EZW video now kthxbai
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Wed Dec 24 2008, 07:00AM
Registered Member #452
Joined: Fri Oct 06 2006, 07:14PM
Posts: 600
nostie wrote ...

I'm 99% sure that it was not for a year...

I imagine it's a certain number of years contract...

If I'm wrong, fuck that shit.

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