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Author Post
Mon Nov 10 2008, 05:41AM
Anal Assassin

Registered Member #455
Joined: Mon Oct 09 2006, 04:58AM
Posts: 3833
I have a shit load of drawing i did of DragonBall Z characters. All pencil drawing. Its all i used to draw.

Someday i will post them. Its been about 6 years since ive drawn one.
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Mon Nov 10 2008, 04:12PM
Meteor 2016

Registered Member #316
Joined: Mon Jun 26 2006, 09:14PM
Posts: 3501
I draw stick figures.
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Mon Nov 10 2008, 07:31PM
Registered Member #164
Joined: Tue Mar 07 2006, 12:07PM
Posts: 3146
fuck creativity. its a waste of brain space
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Tue Nov 11 2008, 01:11AM
Registered Member #445
Joined: Sun Oct 01 2006, 11:42PM
Posts: 2233
zero ur so right

and the paintings were actually pretty good. ( no bullshit i swear)
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Tue Nov 11 2008, 10:15PM
That one guy...
Registered Member #250
Joined: Tue May 09 2006, 11:59PM
Posts: 2603
I can't draw worth jack, so I commend you.
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21 Mar : 20:08

sorry i deleted u off steam maddogme i have issues with friend commitment stemming from not speaking to my own brothers for 15+ years

17 Feb : 09:47

this is 10 years for me fuckers. im proud of you. thank you kremit for keeping this site alive.

30 Jan : 02:21

pubg is a serious piece of shit

27 Jan : 00:32

wheres the fucking pubg players at

26 Nov : 09:21

sup amish. i changed my tag like 4 years ago so i hope it wasn't recent

15 Nov : 03:48

HEY ALL !! Im back again from my .... ? Well Government Contracting, So Ill be around more I think. Been a while. How has everyone been.

03 Nov : 02:55

I played with NoName|Boom one time, that was definitely not cool

Cookie Monster
25 Sep : 19:37

I played with Buddha one time, that was cool

25 Sep : 04:40

Heya all. long time no see :P

been gaming again recently (PUBG) and if anyone wants to play message me on steam (evilpig)

07 Sep : 23:27


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