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Rusty is a studio art minor
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Author Post
Wed Sep 24 2008, 04:47AM
FTS Server Op

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Ok, so I'm gonna put my artwork from this semester here, in this thread (updating it at least weekly). This will be so I can see my progress over the semester, as well as all you! Please feel free to comment on my art work, since I know I'm not all that good at drawing, and only like to use pencils.

But if you try to steal my thread, I'll just delete your post, there is plenty of room for you to make your own thread here.

Day 1 of class:

this is my version of "the athlete" by Daumier (drew in class)

Week 1:

this is a still life assignment, I drew my speaker

Same assignment, this is one of my sweet kicks (puma)


This is me just sketching, it's about 50% done. (I skipped all classes in week 2, lol)

Week 3/4:
To occupy myself, I started drawing up a graphic novel, considering being a communications major (focus in film) I like to tell stories, good stories, and I had a good one going, so I started making a character for the story.

Here is his back

Here is his head

[ Edited Wed Oct 01 2008, 03:31AM ]
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Wed Sep 24 2008, 04:51AM
Rudeboy Supreme!
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pretty dece, keep it up mayne!
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Wed Sep 24 2008, 05:54AM
Registered Member #964
Joined: Sat Jan 12 2008, 07:23PM
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Rusty... Where is the mushroom shaped like a penis? I've do remember me asking you personally to draw me one.

Looks good there rust bust hust lust kust fust.

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Wed Sep 24 2008, 10:18AM
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Joined: Tue Jan 02 2007, 11:41PM
Posts: 1085
There's an absence of shading! Shadows add so much depth to a sketch.
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Wed Sep 24 2008, 07:13PM
Registered Member #643
Joined: Tue Apr 10 2007, 04:44PM
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I liked the dog one the best. You're a buttload better at drawring than I am
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Ruskiy Soldat
Thu Sep 25 2008, 04:16AM
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yea i like the dog
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Wed Oct 01 2008, 06:29PM

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Joined: Fri Jan 04 2008, 06:59AM
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Don't quit your day job.

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Fri Nov 11 2011, 07:25AM
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