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CSS RCON Commands

CSS RCON Commands
on Friday 13 October 2006
by kremit author list
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Using RCON Commands

RCON stands for Remote Control. This article is a guide on using RCON on Counter Strike Source servers. RCON should be given to 1 admin for every 10 player slots on a server.

A tool to simplify RCON use is HLSW, downloadable here:

Log into RCON

In order to use RCON, you need to access the console in game using the ~ button. Once open, you need to set the RCON password on your computer before you can send commands to the server. Simply enter "rcon_password mypass". To check and make sure it worked, type rcon status. If you get a printout of server status, youre logged into RCON!

RCON Commands List

Before you can use commands, you should know what a CVAR is. CVAR stands for control variable. CVARs consist of 2 parts, the control item, and the setting for that item. For settings, 0=off and 1=on, and some accept any number (time limits, and start money).

Example: mp_friendlyfire 1

The mp_friendlyfire is the control item you are setting, and you are setting it to 1 (on).

Player Management Commands

rcon kick kicks player with certain username (for long ones, cut and paste from console)
rcon banid Ban a player with a certain ID (found in rcon status) for a time in minutes.
rcon status Prints the servers status, and players status in console

Map Timelimit Commands

mp_maxrounds 30 Sets the maximum rounds played to 30
mp_winlimit 60 Sets the map to change at a team winning 60 rounds
mp_timelimit 35 Sets the timelimit before a new map is played
mp_fraglimit 50 Sets the max frags a player can have before a map change

Server Operation Commands

rcon sv_alltalk 1 Allows all users to hear eachother over voice chat.
rcon mp_friendlyfire 1 Sets friendly fire on. Players can injure teammates.
rcon mp_hostagepenalty 12 If this many hostages are killed, the player is kicked.
rcon sv_password fishy Sets the server join password to fishy. To turn off, sv_password ""
rcon mp_flashlights 1 Turns on the ability for people to use flashlights.
rcon mp_restartgame 5 Restarts the map, including kills money and scores.
mp_roundtime 1.75 Sets the timelimit for each round in minutes.
mp_startmoney 16000 Sets the money each player starts with to 16000
mp_fadetoblack 1 When a player dies, he cannot see the rest of the round.

mp_buytime .5

Sets the time you can buy items after round starts in minutes.
mp_tkpunish 1 Kills team killers at start of the next round.
mp_autoteambalance 1 Automatically balances teams.
mp_limitteams 2 Sets the max # of players difference between the teams. (One team can have a max of X more players than the other team)
mp_c4timer Sets the time the bomb beeps before boom in seconds.
mp_footsteps Sets if players can hear footsteps
mp_freezetime Sets time you are frozen at spawn before you can move in seconds.
mp_chattime Sets the time the scores are shown at the end of the map in seconds.


30 Apr : 00:34

Hey guys I graduated.

22 Apr : 00:55

Yale? Cambridge?

21 Apr : 12:52

congrats bby

21 Apr : 06:11

I am one essay away from graduating college you guys

21 Apr : 00:26

It's an alt-tab mmo, you let it run overnight like cookieclicker, and it opens up a new server every week. the idea is everyone starts at level 1 and races

21 Apr : 00:25

try felspire at -[link]-

21 Apr : 00:24

i've played like 300 mmorpgs at least extensively. There's still some fun shit out there, but you won't find it in america / english, and it's not what you would imagine a game to look like. AAA studios cannot make a fun game let alone a fun MMORPG because they're trying to suck too many dicks at once. I mean, sure a 99 dude gangbang is cool, but is it as fun for each guy?

17 Apr : 18:26

Heard the new patch on the division made it unplayable. Have fun

15 Apr : 12:53

last night we raided some poor sap's base. they were alone, and in their base. he wouldn't come out so we just built a wall around his base so he couldn't get out. total waste of resources but worth

15 Apr : 12:52

i would play more but i'm bored of cs:s and i can't stop playing rust. plus i have like 30 new games i haven't played yet including the division. just can't stop trolling on rust.

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