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CSS RCON Commands

CSS RCON Commands
on Friday 13 October 2006
by kremit author list
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Using RCON Commands

RCON stands for Remote Control. This article is a guide on using RCON on Counter Strike Source servers. RCON should be given to 1 admin for every 10 player slots on a server.

A tool to simplify RCON use is HLSW, downloadable here:

Log into RCON

In order to use RCON, you need to access the console in game using the ~ button. Once open, you need to set the RCON password on your computer before you can send commands to the server. Simply enter "rcon_password mypass". To check and make sure it worked, type rcon status. If you get a printout of server status, youre logged into RCON!

RCON Commands List

Before you can use commands, you should know what a CVAR is. CVAR stands for control variable. CVARs consist of 2 parts, the control item, and the setting for that item. For settings, 0=off and 1=on, and some accept any number (time limits, and start money).

Example: mp_friendlyfire 1

The mp_friendlyfire is the control item you are setting, and you are setting it to 1 (on).

Player Management Commands

rcon kick kicks player with certain username (for long ones, cut and paste from console)
rcon banid Ban a player with a certain ID (found in rcon status) for a time in minutes.
rcon status Prints the servers status, and players status in console

Map Timelimit Commands

mp_maxrounds 30 Sets the maximum rounds played to 30
mp_winlimit 60 Sets the map to change at a team winning 60 rounds
mp_timelimit 35 Sets the timelimit before a new map is played
mp_fraglimit 50 Sets the max frags a player can have before a map change

Server Operation Commands

rcon sv_alltalk 1 Allows all users to hear eachother over voice chat.
rcon mp_friendlyfire 1 Sets friendly fire on. Players can injure teammates.
rcon mp_hostagepenalty 12 If this many hostages are killed, the player is kicked.
rcon sv_password fishy Sets the server join password to fishy. To turn off, sv_password ""
rcon mp_flashlights 1 Turns on the ability for people to use flashlights.
rcon mp_restartgame 5 Restarts the map, including kills money and scores.
mp_roundtime 1.75 Sets the timelimit for each round in minutes.
mp_startmoney 16000 Sets the money each player starts with to 16000
mp_fadetoblack 1 When a player dies, he cannot see the rest of the round.

mp_buytime .5

Sets the time you can buy items after round starts in minutes.
mp_tkpunish 1 Kills team killers at start of the next round.
mp_autoteambalance 1 Automatically balances teams.
mp_limitteams 2 Sets the max # of players difference between the teams. (One team can have a max of X more players than the other team)
mp_c4timer Sets the time the bomb beeps before boom in seconds.
mp_footsteps Sets if players can hear footsteps
mp_freezetime Sets time you are frozen at spawn before you can move in seconds.
mp_chattime Sets the time the scores are shown at the end of the map in seconds.


13 Jul : 23:39

dude, I'm so sick of reverse racism. I shouldn't have to feel shitty because I'm white

29 Jun : 04:52

post it, also building a new one, would love to share.

16 Jun : 16:16

I'm building a new pc soon, ill start a thread

16 Jun : 16:13

xbox is already replacing the one next year. lol we're on the logorythmic part of the kurzweil timeline right now. they're going to have a new console every month soon.

16 Jun : 05:06

Anyone here playing Overwatch? Game is sick.

14 Jun : 18:22

a million times better than fallout 4

12 Jun : 03:09

Witcher 3 is so good.

26 May : 13:15

good luck. hope you aren't as nauseatingly disappointed when you hit level 50 as I was.

26 May : 03:04


24 May : 17:53

Dark Brotherhood DLC is removing the veteran ranks. That comes out within a month. There are daily dungeons, real dungeons, raids, world bosses and trials to run (not all are end game).

Again, it's casual enough there isn't that EQ grind to hit end game ASAP. The story is awesome (love being on the Thalmor side of the war), and the lore is top notch. It's not a game for everyone, but I don't think such a game exists.

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